Film & Video to
DVD Transfering
Our most popular conversion product is the transfer
of content from 8mm and 16mm home movie films to
DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, or as movie data files stored on
data DVD or external hard-drive.  Home movies
were recorded exclusively on 8mm and 16mm film
from the 1930s to 1970s, before the affordable
availablity of movie cameras using VHS video tape in
the late 1970s.  Film is stored on either metal or
plastic film reels placed inside metal or plastic cans.  
The most common reel sizes: a 3 inch diameter reel
holds 50 feet of film; a 5 inch diameter reel holds
200ft, a 7 inch reel holds 400ft of 8mm or 16mm

Transfer Process

We offer both a standard definition (SD) and high
definition (HD) film transfer process.  The 8mm and
16mm film frames are digitally scanned and
recorded, each film frame's contents captured and
encoded into low compression intermediate data
files for editing, and then reformatted into your
specific requested movie format.  Available formats
are optical discs such as video DVD-R or Blu-Ray
Disc (BD-R), and software digital movie data files
placed on data DVD or external hard-drive, the most
common file extensions being .mov, .avi, .mp4, and
.wmv.  We offer various video editing options such
as background music, onscreen titles, and voice
narratives for silent film to customize the final
transfer product and tell a better story.  Many Super
8mm and 16mm films have sound, and we transfer
this audio recorded content, as well, into the final