Photo Lessons
"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's
writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have
labored hard for." - Socrates

I truly believe that the fastest way to learn is in a one on
one environment.  My private lessons are not cut from a
cookie cutter.  I listen to your desires, look at your photos
and equipment, and then come up with a plan of action that
will quickly get you to where you want to be
photographically.  I will challenge you in a non-threatening,
Socratic way so that you better retain the topics covered.

"...I especially appreciate your relaxed and caring approach..."

Dear Garry-     Thanks again for another fine " one on one" instructional
session.   I sincerely admire your photographic experience and specific
camera knowledge.   Having taught Science for 40 years,  I especially
appreciate your relaxed and caring approach to answering my questions and
teaching me to expand my techniques and equipment.   

Bruce Rufner,   Newfoundland, NJ
"I highly recommend taking lessons from Garry:...You will be glad you did."

I have been very fortunate to have made the acquaintance of photographer
and instructor, Garrett Lafranco, whom I consider my teacher, my mentor,
and my friend.  Garrett embodies that very rare combination of talented  
artist, extremely knowledgeable technician, and excellent teacher. I have
been taking individual photography instruction from Garry for about a year
and a half, and plan on continuing forever!  That being said, I must add that I
am a veteran elementary teacher, and I am ridiculously picky about anyone
who teaches me!  Garry is the consummate instructor; extremely
knowledgeable, patient yet challenging, always pushing me to think and
expand my technique and vision, always  giving me the tools to do so.  As
much as photography is an art form, so is the “art” of teaching, and Garry is
a master of both. I come away from each and every lesson feeling renewed,
supported, and yet challenged to push myself further.  Garry’s instruction is
always guided by what we decide together is the direction we want to
explore, or the particular issues I’m encountering. I came to Garry knowing
nothing about the art or technique of photography. He helps me to “see,” and
then to apply the craft to convey that vision in a photograph. He has made
himself available to answer questions or give advice outside of instructional
time. He is happy to help me out with a problem when I stop into his Sparta
shop, “Photographs.” I highly recommend taking lessons from Garry;
whether you are a brand new photography enthusiast (as I was), or an
experienced photographer. You will be glad you did. He is truly awesome!

Joy Schmitz
"Much of how I've grown as a photographer, I owe to Garry!"

"Over the past 12 years, I have purchased all my camera equipment from
and brought all my photography challenges to Garrett LaFranco.  He is
extremely patient, knowledgeable, creative, and just plain delightful to work
with.  He has been brilliant at helping me solve all kinds of technical
photography issues, and best of all, he is a master at encouragement.  Much
of how I've grown as a photographer, I owe to Garry!" - Mavis Bauman
"One would be wise to seek... his advice"

"Garry has been my photo instructor for years.  He has incredible
photographic skills and a sure sense of what makes a good, if not great
image.  Additionally he is both patient and friendly, a wonderful combination
for a mentor.  My own photographic career owes a great deal to Garry.  
One would be wise to seek and listen to his advice." - Don Gerberg