Our philosophy when it comes to
wedding photography is very
simple: we give you high quality,
memorable photographs at an
affordable price, while making the
day enjoyable and relaxing so that
you can truly take pleasure in the
most celebrated day of your life.
Sample Wedding Photography
Kim and Alex

One of the great things about living in Sussex County
is that the County is more like a really large town.
You get to meet and know people from all over and
when you're lucky, as I am with this couple, you have
known them for years and their families as well.

I still remember Kim coming to my house as a
girl scout, giggling with all the other giddy little girls.

Knowing both of these families I am sure that
this new "couple to be" will get all the support they
need for a long and happy life together.

I am so happy for the two of you!